AccuStudio has brought back the forum. It is really sparse over there, but should grow over time. AccuStudio is also expanding with a new Revit Secftion and a place to discuss ArchiOffice (under Off Topic). 

We are hoping to expand the usefulness of AccuStudio while keeping it relevant. That why we added support for these two new areas.

Revit is an ever growing force, over the next several months we hope to build up our families library. If you have made the switch to Revit and have any families you would like to share. Please submit them.

ArchiOffice is an architectural 'project, time & billing' software by BQE. I've been using it for a few years now and there appears to be a small void for user interaction. Thus the 'Off Topic' category for ArchiOffice. 

If you have any other areas that need covering, don't hesitate to send us an email 9or post int in the forum).