We are close to retiring the legacy site. The materials, objects and textures are all posted. We are less than 30 days from having all of the 'thumbnails' associated with them. And some ideas for the future are just around the corner...

We have provided a link for File Submissions. You will have to be logged into the site, once logged in, select File Submission under the Exchange pull down. Please try to fill out all of the fields, this will speed up the submission process. The file will be reviewed, scanned for viuses, thumbnail created and then posted. So as you can see it does take some time, so please be patient with submissions.

We are now accepting Gallery images again. Just like file submissions, you will need to be logged in, select Gallery > Gallery Upload under the Marketplace menu. Once the file has been reviewed, it will be posted.

Benchmarking has taken a back seat... We hope to get this updated soon and start collecting the data again.

Also on the horizon is the beginning of Revit Content. because Revit is different form the other modeling programs, consideration will also be given to usability in the producing the Construction Documents, not just modeling and rendering.

Get the word out... Accustudio is back!

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