Welcome back and welcome new comers. It really isn't that new, just fresh new look. The past 4 months have been spent revisiting the look, layout, code, software and usability of Accustudio. Accustudio still strives to be the best resource for Accurender needs.

This wasn't done alone, a huge thanks goes to my co-editor Kevin Lockwood. He has been instrumental in getting the objects back online. With over 1,000 objects this is no small task.

It is with a very small tear that we will retire the Accustudio forum. This area basically became stagnate and a home for it send us SPAM. However, we are comtemplating using a 'Wall' base system for user interaction. We will see what the demand will be.

We are down to just a couple of features left to fully implement. The AR benchmark, scores and Revit content. If there is a feature we overlooked, dont hesitate to ask.

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