Hard to believe, but another year has passed. US taxes are due in just 2 weeks, Accustudio will be celebrating its 14th birthday and Autodesk has release the next version of AutoCAD. Of course the next question is "Should I upgrade?"

Our tutorials have finally made it into the 21st century. Working with nXtRender (Al and Rich Hart) we have posted the first two of a series of videos on YouTube. You can go to the WorkShop/Video Tutorial page for the links.

AccuStudio has brought back the forum. It is really sparse over there, but should grow over time. AccuStudio is also expanding with a new Revit Secftion and a place to discuss ArchiOffice (under Off Topic). 

Well, another broken link has been fixed. This link was more of an application error for those using AccuStudio Desktop. If you used the old AccuStudio Desktop for AR3/4 and couldn't do a material  or map install. Good News, it has been fixed.

Welcome back and welcome new comers. It really isn't that new, just fresh new look. The past 4 months have been spent revisiting the look, layout, code, software and usability of Accustudio. Accustudio still strives to be the best resource for Accurender needs.

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