We are close to retiring the legacy site. The materials, objects and textures are all posted. We are less than 30 days from having all of the 'thumbnails' associated with them. And some ideas for the future are just around the corner...

The nXt materials are slowly finding thier way back to AccuStudio. All of the files are now available for download. the next phase will be to add the thumbnails back to make it easier to know what you are downloading.

Just a quick note, all of the textures have been transferred to the new site. No longer will you need to go to the old joomla15 pages for textures.

Greeting! The objects section is slowly being rebuilt. The HDRI has gone though a couple revisions. All of this is based on using a different download engine. In the past we have been using Remository with a lot of edits. If we did an upgrade, we would have to redo the code to fit AccuStudio. So now we are using Phoca Download.

UPDATE! The website is going through some growing pains. We are in the process of changing out the back-end software. You can visit the full 'old' site at http://www.accustudio.com/joomla15 Currently the object links are broken (looking for e temporary fix). Everything else should working. Please be patient during this change... Thanks!

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