coMOTION 2.0 is a complete rewrite based on the concept of the original coMOTION. It works with the new nXt Accurender. AutoCAD 2007-2017 32 and 64 bit versions are included in the installation. Click on the attachment button below to download the current build 014.

Quick Install:

  • Download the coMO_Setup.exe and run the EXE
  • Launch AutoCAD
  • Load the file comonxt.VLX (if you did a default install, it can be found at "C:\Program Files (x86)\coMOTION nXt")
  • Type COMONXT at the command line.

Note that this program does not demand load and you will need to reload it for each session of AutoCAD or drawings.

What's New:

The Demand loader is currently removed.

coMOTION Demand Loader: This is a separate download, to demand load the comonxt.VLX through the included ARX.

Usage: load the como_nxt.VLX, type DEMANDCOMO at the command prompt. Type COMONXT to test if the registry entries were written correctly. If the registry was written correctly, start a new drawing or EXIT/Re-enter AutoCAD type COMONXT. Because of the limits of VLX and demand loading, you will need to type COMONXT a second time in the 1st drawing.


Build 015

  • Enabled Preview Export.
  • Updated ODCL to current version 8.1

Build 014

  • Added support for AutoCAD versions: 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.
  • Removed Demand Loading

Build 013

  • Added coMOTION Program group to Start menu. This includes the Help file & Uninstall.
  • Included como_nxt_demand.VLX in installation folder. You will still need to follow the steps shown above to activate DEMAND LOADING of coMOTION.

Build 012

  • Camera Lens Bug fix.
  • Animation Log bug fix.
  • Added "Current" Visual Style option to Preview.
  • Added basic Help File.
  • Updated OpenDCL to latest version
Access this URL (http://www.accustudio.com/attachments/article/9/coMO2_Setup.exe)coMO2_Setup.exe[coMotion 2.0 build 15]25640 kB
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