There is a bug with the OpenDCL interface packaged with coMotion 2.0 build 014. If you installed coMotion 2.0 build 014 between 11/20/16 & 11/21/16. Please use the following steps to update your OpenDCL for coMotion.

Exit all versions of AutoCAD

Uninstall OpenDCL Runtime (Version

  • Open your Control Panel
  • Scroll to OpenDCL Runtime and click once
  • Click Uninstall

Install OpenDCL Runtime (Version 8.0.5)

  • Download the¬†OpenDCL.Studio.ENU.
  • Run the MSI file

Launch AutoCAD and run coMotion


Access this URL (http://www.accustudio.com/attachments/article/9/OpenDCL.Runtime.[OpenDCL Runtime 8.0.5]21196 kB
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